Executive Protection Academy

Executive Protection Academy

Ivan Ivanovich

President of the institute

Technical collaboration in training of the Spanish Marine Corps Protection Force.

Three decades of operational experience in the most challenging security scenarios globally

Chairman of the Board of Directors of WSO-Worldwide Security Options, a multinational integrated security company.

Author of the bestselling book "Executive Protection in the 21st Century, The New Doctrine".

Its Academy is considered one of the 9 best Executive Protection training schools in the world by the prestigious EP Wired Magazine of the United States.

Track record:

Born in 1973 in the former Yugoslavia, now Serbia, Ivan Ivanovich is a recognized expert in security and executive protection. He is a philosophy graduate from the University of Belgrade and has developed a successful career focused on training and implementation of security strategies in Europe and America.
Outstanding experience in the field includes his collaboration as a training technician for the Spanish Marine Corps Protection Force.
During the war in the former Yugoslavia (1991-1992), Ivanovich played an active role in founding and directing one of the first private defense and protection training centers in the country. His work extended to organizing and directing executive protection operations in high-risk situations in Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Italy.
In 2000, Ivanovich moved to Mexico, where he focused on executive protection training for various national and international companies. In 2004, he founded AGS Group, a firm specializing in executive protection services, which later became the prestigious global corporation WSO.

He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of WSO-Worldwide Security Options, a multinational integrated security company.

Ivanovich has been noted for promoting a preventive, low-key, risk-avoidance approach to executive protection, as opposed to a reactive approach based on the use of weapons.

In the academic and professional fields, Ivanovich has made important contributions, including:

* Co-author of the EPS (Executive Protection Specialist) certification of IBSSA (International Bodyguard and Security Services Association).
* Co-author of the basic manual of Executive Protection of the Mexico Chapter of ASIS.
* Chairman of the Executive Protection Committee of ASIS Mexico in 2004 and 2017.
* IBSSA representative in Mexico.
* HAB (Hispanic Advisory Board) representative of IFPO for Mexico (International Foundation for Protection Officers).
* Certified Protection Officer (CPO) by IFPO since 2002.
* Certified CPOI (Certified Protection Officer Instructor) by IFPO since 2002.
* IBSSA Executive Protection Instructor Certificate.
* Co-founder of EP Summit, the most relevant Executive Protection event in Latin America.
* Frequently invited to give lectures and interviews in various forums and media in Europe and Latin America, with emphasis on Executive Protection and personal security.
* He received an Honorary Doctorate from California University FCE.
* Professor at the UDLAP Jenkins Graduate School and the Universidad de la Plata in Argentina, teaching diploma courses related to Executive Protection.
* Recognized twice among the 100 most influential private security professionals in Mexico by Seguridad en America magazine in 2017 and 2022.
* Author of the book "Executive Protection in the 21st Century, The New Doctrine", launched in 2020 and which reached first place in sales in the "Business Management" category on Amazon Mexico.
* Member of IPSB (International Protective Security Board), the most prestigious international organization dedicated to research, professional development and improvement of standards in Executive Protection.
* Outstanding experience in the field includes serving as technical advisor and instructor in executive protection for the Spanish Marine Corps Protection Force.

Braulio Barrera

Vice President for Central America

1983-2020, more than 35 years of experience in Corporate Security Scotiabank BNS; performing different management level positions in different security areas for Mexico and Central America. Resource management, assigned to Security, Protection and Investigations and Loss Prevention, through the application of methodologies and international standards for advice and consulting, planning, coordination and execution of loss prevention strategies and corporate protection. 2010-2020, Scotiabank El Salvador, CSO

2008-2010 Scotiabank Guatemala, - Alignment of corporate security processes, according to country risk.

2010-2020, Scotiabank El Salvador, SC & CSO holder

2011 - 2015 Attention and Support in Corporate Security for Scotiabank Panama and Costa Rica.

  • Planning, Coordination and Execution of different International Executive Protection operations (Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Summit of the Americas 2015).
  • Counseling and Crisis Management, Natural Disasters, Socio-organizational, etc.
  • Chairman of the Special Committee, ABANSA Integral Safety Plan 2012
  • Member for Scotiabank in the Interdisciplinary Committee ABANSA (Salvadoran Banking Association).
  • Promoter of the Multisectoral Security Group (Banking, Companies and San Salvador authorities).
  • Representative of ABANSA in different International Banking Security events.