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Executive Protection Academy

Drones: emerging threat in Executive Protection.

In early November of this year, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi escaped unharmed from an attack when a drone loaded with explosives struck his residence in a high security zone in Baghdad, Iraq, injuring six of his bodyguards.


If we take into account that organized crime groups in our country are already using drones in their confrontations, it is only a matter of time before these devices are used against any executive in Mexico.


For this reason, specialists in executive protectionIn accordance with the risk study for each case, they should consider drones as a serious threat and seek the best methods to counteract it.

These measures range from anti-drone nets, lasers to shoot down drones, the use of trained eagles and even sophisticated jamming systems for the exclusive use of federal forces, which are extremely expensive.


It is important to note that, in many legislations, shooting down a drone is a crime, and also in different countries some devices are legally restricted, so it is very important to be clear about the legal and regulatory conditions in our area of operations. However, it is clear that, in the face of a threat against the life of the executive and our own, we must act decisively.

Currently, Axis Communications and Dedrone are jointly developing anti-drone solutions with an integrated multi-sensor platform that aggregates data from advanced video detection and analytics sensors, which are fed with sequences generated by video cameras in combination with radars. This combined information establishes detection over a fairly large area of up to 5 km and sends an early warning, even before the drone takes off, allowing visual location of the device and its timely mitigation. This, in turn, allows tracking the drone's flight path and revealing the pilot's location, generating records that are automatically cataloged and provide evidence to the authorities.

Regardless of the method we want to use, according to the levels of risk, legal conditions and economic resources available, it is very important that we begin to seriously consider this emerging threat in our operational planning. Many of the threats that were previously considered unlikely came to cause a lot of damage because they were underestimated by specialists. We must be one step ahead and always ready to prevent a first drone attack and not wait until a second one occurs.