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Executive Protection Academy

Bodyguard dies in Metepec during shooting; again the "seams".

Executives often think that, by being accompanied by an armed escort, they will be magically protected and that, therefore, they do not need to consider any additional measures or planning. This mistake, unfortunately, continues to claim many lives. The latest unfortunate case occurred last Wednesday, November 24 in Metepec, State of Mexico, when a woman went to a car lot to buy a luxury car, but, not having enough money, she went to a bank branch to withdraw what she needed, moving on foot along with her escort. Both returned, also on foot, with the money, thus generating a long "sewing", that is to say, a prolonged exposure within an environment of greater risk, where, frequently, attacks, kidnappings, assaults and, in general, attacks of all kinds occur. Before they could return to the lot to finalize the purchase, they were assaulted by two individuals on a motorcycle, then the escort pulled out his gun and a shootout ensued in which the protector lost his life, as well as one of the criminals. The danger of the "seams" is explained in this video:

This is another unfortunate case where the escort loses his life while trying to thwart a robbery outside a bank. A few years ago the same situation occurred, a protector lost his life in similar circumstances while leaving a bank in the exclusive area of Polanco, Mexico City.

It is very unfortunate that colleagues continually continue to lose their lives, and in the same manner. Both protectors and protectees should know that an armed escort does not mean security and that this profession is about decreasing the executive's exposure to risk and not just increasing firepower.

It is well known that withdrawing large sums of money from the bank implies a very high risk of robbery, so these activities should be properly planned together with the executive. Of course, it is always advisable to make any payment by transfer, but if cash is strictly necessary, the bank branch should be carefully chosen, giving preference to the one that has a good internal security and an integrated parking lot, to avoid "seams"; that is, without generating exposure with the displacement "on foot" on the street. An armored vehicle should be used or rented for the occasion, thus reducing vulnerability, while transfer routes should be chosen in accordance with security criteria, as explained in the book Executive Protection in the 21st Century: The New Doctrine.

Of course, no measure is infallible, but, as in any branch of security, we are looking to reduce risks to a minimum. To rely solely on the gun, without any other measure, as in this case, not only does not reduce the risks, but increases them, since, in a robbery, where the main objective was money, the confrontation resulted in the loss of a life, something that is priceless.

We need to understand and practice the executive protection as an activity that aims to reduce exposure to risk and defuse attacks in their early stages if we are to be a safer profession for both protectees and protectors.