Counter Surveillance For Executive Protection

Are you an executive protection professional?

Are you worried that criminals may be following you?

Learn Counter-Surveillance from Ivan Ivanovich, the only civilian instructor with the honor of training the Spanish Navy, and whose experience and methods have been recognized among the nine best academies worldwide by the prestigious EP Wired magazine.

You will learn how to detect hostile surveillance, even when criminals think they are hiding.

You will master techniques never before taught publicly that will allow you to thwart attacks long before they become a risk to you or your protégé. Counter-surveillance is incredibly effective at detecting and stopping threats months before they occur. In fact, according to confessions from high-level criminals, counter-surveillance is the measure they fear most, even more than guns.

What do our students say?

Daniel Arregui


This course is very useful, it provides valid tools for the development of everyday life, especially when preparing a PE operation. Thank you very much...

Gustavo Giordano


The content itself is excellent, very specific, clear and applicable 100%. Thank you so much

Alexander José Cuaulma Guzman


Very good, it is a pleasant experience that requires a lot of concentration.

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Discover the training program that has innovated the executive protection of one of the best European armies.

Training the Spanish Armada.

Training the Spanish Armada.

With Ivan Ivanovich - the first civilian instructor to train the Spanish Marine Corps - you will have access to the strategies and knowledge that have cemented our reputation as one of the top nine Executive Protection academies worldwide according to EP Wired magazine in the United States.

Ivan Ivanovich

what will you learn?

  • How to prevent an attack months before it occurs.
  • How to offer a discreet and effective service, ideal for today's executives.
  • Real cases and concrete examples of success.


Our courses not only prepare you to meet the most demanding challenges in the security field, but also equip you with skills that are highly valued in the marketplace. By mastering cutting-edge techniques and gaining unique insights, many of our graduates have experienced significant growth.

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Large companies train their personnel with this methodology

These are some of the companies already using Ivan Ivanovich's cutting-edge and effective executive protection methodology:

Large companies train their personnel with this methodology

These are some of the companies already using Ivan Ivanovich's cutting-edge and effective executive protection methodology:

Who is this course for?

Protection agents who wish to advance their careers.

Security managers and administrators in general

Security agents working alone with the executive

What you will get when you purchase the course

Become an Executive Protection Strategist

6 Hours of training 100% Online

19 modules of strategies with the detailed method that I have implemented in my 30 years of experience.

Knowledge Tests in each module

Access to Future Updates

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What will you learn?

  • What is hostile surveillance, how is it carried out and its main characteristics?
  • Passive techniques for detecting surveillance during transfers, on the street and in public places
  • Active techniques (discreet maneuvers) to make hostile surveillance reveal itself so you can identify and disable it in any environment
  • How to integrate and operate a specialized counter-surveillance team when passive and active measures are not sufficient
  • Upon completion, you will receive a diploma from our Academy, one of the 9 best in the world according to the specialized magazine EP Wired of the United States.


1. Why is counter-surveillance the most important measure in Executive Protection?

  • Why is Counter-Surveillance the most important measure in Executive Protection?

2. Why are criminals more afraid of counter-surveillance than of guns?

3. Development of counter-surveillance during the Cold War

4. Types of Hostile Surveillance: Comprehensive vs. Puzzle Measures

5. Understanding Hostile Surveillance: Tactics and Strategies

6. Hostile Surveillance Management Principle

7. Passive self-detection measures for hostile surveillance in the fixed phase.

8. Passive detection in the mobile phase

9. Transitory Fixed Phase

10. Transient phase on foot

11. Passive measures on foot

12. Hostile Foot-in-Motion Surveillance Detection Phase

13. Active self-detection techniques

14. Active detection in mobile vehicles

15. Advanced Active Detection and Evasion Techniques

16. Active Detection on Foot: Strategies in Public Places

17. How to apply what has been learned?

18. Counter-surveillance - 1st

19. Closing

Qualifications of our students

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hace 1 min
Excelente curso
Muy buenas explicaciones fácil de entender con video y texto
Excellent course and helps to change paradigms
Great course, oriented to both executive protection and self-protection measures. It focuses on the key aspects to improve in achieving the objectives of executive protection.
Pedro Zuniga
hace 6 days
Very useful, excellent teaching methodology, to put into practice what I have learned.
reaffirmation of knowledge already acquired greetings
very good information, it opened my vision in my work.
I broaden my knowledge in observation and target detection.
a good online course that we have to use in our daily work.
he has learned something new
Essential for application in my work to be implemented immediately.
thank you good course and I learned something more about security.
hace 1 week
good course that updates you on counter-surveillance security for my career as an escort.
good course that is very useful for your performance in your security career.
Knowledge about criminal behavior is very important and in this profession it is extremely vital for both the protégé and the protectors. It will always be a good choice to strengthen my knowledge and experience.
"Success and big hugs Ivan."
It was an excellent lesson, generally one enters the protection groups and it is very complicated to have these topics explained to you, most of them still go for the ideas of reaction and weapons.
It is really very useful to take the course and carry out all this teaching in the field, since we will eliminate unnecessary risks and we will be able to get home safely.
Thank you Ivan for your great contribution to Executive Security.

Greetings and Blessings!
Fidel Delgado
hace 3 weeks
Very interesting learning continue with more techniques, to be able to confront delinquency.

Meet Ivan Ivanovich the creator and instructor of the course CONTRAVIGILANCE FOR EXECUTIVE PROTECTION

A Mexican national of Serbian origin, he was born in 1973 in the territory of the former Yugoslavia and established his residence in Mexico in 1999.
He was trained in urban survival techniques and executive protection in Yugoslavia, Macedonia and Italy, where he conducted several executive security operations during the Yugoslavian civil war.
In 2004, he founded the AGS Group, which provided high-level executive and protection services for the CEOs of several international corporations and former presidents. He is President of WSO Wordvilde Security Options, a multinational integrated security company.
It is also requested by several leading companies in the world to train their security personnel such as: Coca-Cola, Scotiabank, FedEx, Unilever, Bimbo, Volkswagen and many more influential organizations worldwide.

He is a Technical Advisor and the first civilian instructor to train the Spanish Marine Corps in Executive Protection.

Its Academy is one of the top nine Executive Protection schools in the world according to the specialized magazine EP Wired of the United States.

Ivan Ivanovich now creates the Counter Surveillance course in executive protection that compiles all his experience in more than 30 years, in order to train you in the most advanced and current techniques of modern executive security.

Other Instructor Accomplishments

In 2017 and 2022, he was considered one of the 100 most influential private security professionals in Mexico by Seguridad en America magazine.

Author of the book Executive Protection in the 21st Century: The New Doctrine, which reached first place in sales on Amazon Mexico in the Business Management category.

He is one of the directors of IPSB (International Protective Security Board), the most important international organization specialized in Executive Protection.

He appears in the following media as a reference of executive protection: Forbes Mexico, El Universal, Excelsior and Reforma.

He also teaches at various educational institutions such as: Universidad UDLAP Jenkins Graduate School, Universidad Anáhuac del Norte (both in Mexico) and Universidad de la Plata Argentina.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The course begins when you are ready to start. Because of the 100% Online nature of this course, you make your own study schedule.

You must watch each class and do the corresponding reading according to the topic, you must also pass each exam module in each lesson, once you have completed the module, you can advance to the next lesson until you pass each one. At the end your personalized certificate will be enabled for download.