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Counter Surveillance For Executive Protection

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Protect your executives from early attacks.

In this course you will learn techniques never before taught publicly that allow you to thwart the attack long before they become a risk to you or your protégé.

In executive protection, the practice of counter-surveillance is incredibly effective in detecting and stopping attacks months before they occur. In fact, by high-level criminals' own admission, counter-surveillance is the measure they fear most, even more than guns.

Unfortunately, counter-surveillance is rarely applied due to a lack of knowledge of its principles and ways to integrate them into executive protection operations.

What do our students say?

Jonathan Rizzo


Excellent experience for my professional life. All the topics were focused on the reality that we professional escorts live in modern executive protection, discarding the empirical knowledge that I lived before that focused on the traditional.

Julio Fernandez


An excellent experience, every detail provided with regard to modern executive protection, is very useful to me, seen from another professional angle, I can only thank you for everything provided in this course of excellent quality, all more than scheduled to turn it to my work environment with another imprint.

José López


I really liked the dynamics of the course, the examples based on real facts, very well explained.

Success in the EXECUTIVE PROTECTION is waiting for you!

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Ivan Ivanovich is a technical advisor and instructor in executive protection for the Spanish Marine Corps Protection Force.

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Our Academy has been recognized as one of the nine best Executive Protection schools in the world by the prestigious security magazine EP Wired of the United States.

Ivan Ivanovich

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