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Attack in Bogota - The "driver/escort" does not exist!

Time and time again over the years I have repeated that the "chauffeur/escort" concept is cost-saving but ineffective, as one person cannot do two things at once or be in two places at the same time. A trained chauffeur can be very effective in reducing risks in transfers, but cannot cover the higher risk situations that seams statistically represent. I have explained this in detail in this video:

This is confirmed by the unfortunate attack that occurred on February 21 of this year in Bogota, Colombia, when businessman Hernán Roberto Franco was murdered upon arriving at his work in Parque de la 93, an exclusive area of the Colombian capital. In a security video circulating in social networks, we can see the moment when the businessman's vehicle arrives in front of the office door, he gets out of the vehicle and enters through the door, right in what we call the seam. At that instant, the assassin approaches, shoots the executive and flees. At that moment, the "driver/escort" comes out with his gun and shoots the fleeing assassin, who had already killed his protégé.

In social networks, many colleagues criticized the work of the "driver/escort" and, of course, the situation in general had several flaws. However, the fundamental flaw lies in the concept that a single person can do the job that should be done by at least two agents: the driver is responsible for reducing risks in transfers and having the vehicle in operationally convenient locations, while the escort protects the seams and the rest of the movements on foot. Protecting the seams, these high-risk exposures where most attacks occur, is no easy task. Recall that several Secret Service agents were unable to stop a single attacker at the seams during the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. So what can we expect from a single "driver/escort" who is asked to defy the laws of physics by being in two places at the same time, and also be held accountable for failing to do so? The "driver/escort" works fine as long as nothing happens, but when the attacks occur, the shortcomings translate into loss of life. A similar case occurred in Mexico when businessman Martin Rodriguez was killed in January 2021 as he left his gym.

The "driver/escort" concept saves money but generates a false sense of security, something that Mr. Hernan Roberto Franco paid for with his life. It is time to take executive protection seriously, to stop improvising and thus save both the lives of the protected and the lives of the protectors.